Japan Tech R&D Consultancy


JP&C Communications: Bridging the gap between research and practical application. We specialize in developing custom software and consulting on the translation of research results into products.

Projects / SOFTWARE

Welcome to the intersection of cutting-edge technology and creative innovation. We engage in developing customized AI solutions and design tools, tailored to your unique needs.

Our portfolio spans a broad range of projects, each showcasing our commitment to precision, efficiency, and user-focused design. Whether it's tracking an amateur tennis player's performance or simulating crowd behavior for better architectural planning, we're on the forefront of of what's possible at any time.

We offer rapid prototyping for vision AI tasks, utilizing our expertise in fine-tuning models for detection, masking, and key-point detection. We strive to accelerate your AI implementation, allowing you to reap the benefits sooner. We also specialize in 3D scene understanding and reconstruction, providing invaluable consultation services to assist you in navigating the complexities of spatial computing.

We have experience in accelerating, optimizing and refactoring software algorithms, we specialize in adaptaion of existing algorithms for GPUs and using specific techniques that maximize performance on different hardware platforms. While computer vision algorithms are our primary domain, our services span across different fields, platforms, and languages, ensuring versatility in our approach. 

OVER 20 years of scientific software development

The past experience page shows only fished past projects. We are constantly exploring to stay up to date, current projects involve technologies like StyleGAN, point clouds, SDFs and NeRFs, finetuning of vision models for object detection, finetuning of open-source LLMs. We are also exploring transformer architectures for effective local search of personal documents using natural language.

We can help with hardware prototyping too, building 3D printed mockups, functional prototypes, CAD model and technical drawing for patents applications and manufacturers.